Swansea Council may be forced to make back payments to a local drug dealer after he trademarked ‘City Deal’.

Enterprising dealer Pete Bowen, 32, trademarked ‘City Deal’ after reading about investment coming into the city.

Bowen said: “I’d started doing a special on some really honky weed from I bought in from Bristol and wanted to differentiate my product from everyone else’s.

“I’d seen ‘City Deal’ bandied around for a while and found that I could actually own those words. I registered the trademark, branded up some baggies and off I went.

“Business has been good, but as is always the case it’s never enough until you get caught, so I’m going to sue the Council and now mandem need to show me the cash, or whatever the Bristol lads say.”

Council spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We’re aware of the case and I personally tried Mr Bowen’s ‘gear’ to test its validity and to be fair its proper good shit.

“However we’ll be fighting him all the way because the City Deal is greatest thing ever and may even get finished by the time he gets out of prison for possession with intent to supply.”

Bowen added: “That E in GCSE Business Studies is really paying off.

“As I now own ‘City Deal’, not only to the Council have to pay me every time they mention it, Theresa May also has to launder her dirty Russian donation money through my bank account.”