A Port Tennant man has celebrated turning 40 by announcing how much he hates everything now.

Birthday boy Pete Bowen made the announcement to family and friends at his surprise birthday party last night, by telling them how much he hates surprises.

Pete said: “I hated the surprise party, I hate fuss and actually I hate all people.

“They’d all parked outside the house too so I had to park on Gelli Street and walk around. I’ll have to buy some cones to put out to stop all that, it just feels like now is the right time.

“Work was crap because I naturally hate my job and I keep thinking that I’m 40, knackered and have at least 27 years left before I can retire and listen to Talk Sport all day.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “He’s been gradually hating more things for the last five or six years.

“First off it was Olly Murs, quickly followed by Sunday Brunch. Then it was the next door neighbours, being in places where there were people and looking after his appearance.”

Pete added: “I’m glad I can just be myself now and live out my days engulfed in my own misery.”

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