The diggers hoping to remove the memory of ‘that’ Kingsway system have uncovered the final resting homes of cars which used to frequent the city centre road.

The burial site, which includes SRIs, GTEs, GTIs and WTF was I thinking models from the 90s, was disturbed yesterday by a digger after it hit a sub-woofer which started to blare out Dreamscape.

Digger operator Pete Bowen said: “Its not unusual for us to find artefacts or little pieces of local history when digging up atrocities, but this is a rare find for me and I’ve been in the digging game for nearly 20 years.

“The site is almost perfectly preserved and we need to be careful not to disrupt some Kenwood branded spirit, or the Kingsway’s digital dream may be tarnished with an evil, blacked out windowed curse.”

90s Kingsway cruiser Rob Gray said: “I vaguely remember us having some form of pact to bury our cars when it was announced that the Kingsway would become one way.

“I had a Nova SE which I modified heavily. It was a 4 speed car, so I bought a 5 speed gear knob and a GTE badge to replace the SE one.

“If I hadn’t done so much amphetamine while driving around in that untaxed and uninsured wreck I’d know where I left it.”

Council spokesperson Theresa Connell added: “Its an historical find for the city and we’re waiting on clarification from Auto Trader about whether the site should now be preserved.

“It may implicate the really fast internet we were going to put there, but none of us really know what really fast internet looks like. I want to say it’s like a long pipe?”

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