The limited tickets for the Radio 1 event in Swansea sold out really quickly because people bought them before you did, it’s been confirmed.

The second round of ticket sales, which was a smaller allocation than the main one, sold out within 47 seconds yesterday.

Hopeful Pete Bowen from Brynmill said: “I’ll be able to hear the whole thing from my house, but could I get a ticket? No I bloody couldn’t, because some other people did.

“I bet than Man Engine got some though and he’s probably selling them on eBay for motor oil.”

Ed Sheehan fan Theresa Connell said: “I can’t believe the first come first serve system didn’t take into account that Ed Sheeran writes all his songs about my life.

“I live in Swansea, I’m a huge fan and I was there at 8am so why didn’t I have tickets? There’s a conspiracy here, I reckon it must be the Council. I bet all the Council workers will be there, and that Theresa May.”

Port Tennant resident Rob Gray added: “I’m furious that I missed out on tickets, although I’ve sent abusive tweets to Craig David and Radio 1 so I’m sure it’ll all be sorted soon.

“I just feel if they’d said there was limited availability it would’ve been a bit more fair. I’d have logged in at 8:00 instead of 9:15 if I’d known.”

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