Two women who went to Pentrehafod School together in the mid 90s have again made plans to meet up which neither of them will keep.

Theresa Connell and Cheryl Gray, who sat next to each other in English, bumped into each other in Tesco and discussed drinks to reminisce about the good old days, knowing full well it’ll never happen.

Theresa said: “I really like Cheryl and catching up would be great, but we’ve been going on about it for so long now it seems pointless making the effort.

“Every time I bump into her we discuss venues and dates, but I barely go out anymore and when I do it’s with the girls I sat next to in science.”

Cheryl said: “It’s awkward because when we saw each other a couple of years ago I was concentrating on trying to remember if she was married or not.

“While I was thinking she asked me if I had kids, I didn’t really hear her and ended up blurting our yes and I don’t have any. So now I have a fabricated daughter who apparently goes to street dance classes and really loves Moana.”

Theresa continued: “I’d really enjoy hearing all about how Cheryl’s son is getting on in karate or whatever it was, but I can do that in Tesco when I see her next without the hassle of putting on make up.”

Cheryl added: “I’ve deleted social media and started shopping in Morrison’s, so I think it’ll sort itself out.

“I don’t want a relationship with Theresa based on lies, I’d rather fondly remember feeding earphones through our coat sleeves in class and listening to Cypress Hill.”

photo credit: Sociales El Heraldo de Saltillo <a href=”″>Ángeles tendrá niña</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;