Police Officers from South Wales Police have been told by Westminster to just take their rest days when the criminals take theirs.

The simple solution came from Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s office, following news that officers were outstanding 16,613 rest days in the South Wales constabulary.

Conservative Party spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “We’d have responded to this sooner but we were on recess, which was super relaxing may I add. Thank god we’re receiving so many pay rises at the moment because we all spent loads!

“It’s disappointing to hear South Wales Police are being so inefficient with managing their time, we’ve made significant cuts to the police to prevent this from happening, so this is evidence that we should probably make more.

“Amber and the team had a quick WhatsApp exchange on this and it was suggested they just take time off when all the criminals are off, it’s innovative thinking like this which makes her such an effective Home Sec.”

PC Theresa Connell from Swansea said: “This sounds like a perfect solution, we could share Outlook calendars with all the criminals.

“Some of us had mad ideas like the Government investing in the public’s safety or finding more effective ways to classify certain crimes, I suppose that’s why we’re getting stabbed and abused on a daily basis and not in Westminster.

“It sounds like this Home Secretary is really switched on, better than the last one. I dread to think what she’s doing now.”

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