A man from Killay has said that he won’t be voting in the local elections being discussed on TV because he wants to stick two fingers up at the establishment.

Engineer Pete Bowen, who also runs a conspiracy blog called ‘The falsehood of truth’, confirmed he wouldn’t be voting today because ‘none of them can be trusted’.

38 year old Bowen said: “I’m right into my politics, I’m that guy who voted Leave because I know things that you don’t know and I won’t share them with you.

“I can tell you though that all parties are the same, which is the principal reason why I won’t be going to the polling station in Swansea today.

“Corbyn and May might talk the talk, but I don’t want either of them running Swansea Council. Corbyn’s a sick, twisted megalomaniac who only looks after the rich and May is a communist. Although the corrupt media will have you believe its the other way round.

“The worse thing about it is that I haven’t seen one of them, from any party, canvassing for votes around the city. The establishment has given up on us, I’ve even written about it on my blog, it’s on the Internet now so I’m published.”

Council Leader Rob Stewart said: “Its a shame that Pete won’t be voting today, but we’re fairly confident we’ll still be in control tomorrow.”

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