A Hafod woman is attempting to stop co-sleeping with her husband before he starts to believe he’ll be sharing a bed with her for the rest of their lives.

50 year old Theresa Connell made the decision after talking to other married friends and discovering that they broke the habit by the time they were 45.

Theresa said: “That’s the thing with husbands, they don’t come with a manual.

“When you first have them you want them near you all the time, but there has to come a point where you have to let go. It’s for their own good and they have to learn.

“The lack of sleep is getting to me. If he’s not trying to stick his, what he calls, ‘erection’ into my back he’s snoring or violently breaking wind in his sleep.

“Then there’s the constant worry about suffocation, I don’t want to go suffocated by his body with all his inconsistently placed back hair – why is it so patchy? And why is his skin so musty and flaky all of a sudden?

“He needs his own space and now that our daughter is in Uni he can sleep in there, or there’s the shed.”

Theresa’s husband Pete said: “This night explain why Theresa sleeps curled up in a ball with her back to me and nearly hanging off the bed.

“Well this is what she signed up to. If she doesn’t want me at my awkward middle age then she didn’t deserve me in my sprightly 20s.”

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