A geography teacher who is somehow ‘Head of Careers’ in the school he works at, is celebrating his sixth year of providing unqualified careers advice to Year 11s.

48 year old Mr Bowen took on the role for the extra £500 a year he receives on top of his salary, which makes the annoying questions pupils ask him about jobs outside of teaching almost bearable.

Mr Bowen said: “I’m one of the only teachers at the school who has any real industry experience because I worked at John Menzies while I did my PGCE.

“I figured it’d be easy enough, tell the pupils to do a degree in common key stage 3 and 4 subjects then just train to be a teacher. Bosh.

“Unfortunately a lot of young people have very unrealistic expectations of work is, some of them even think you only have 4 weeks holiday a year in some jobs! It’s not Victorian times! I knock out 4 weeks off by the end of February.”

Bowen added: “A girl came to see me saying she wanted to work in finance but didn’t want to go to University, I nearly fell off my chair. Who doesn’t go to Uni? And what is ‘finance’? A human calculator? There’s calculators for all that.

“I told her that if you don’t go to University you can’t become a teacher. I also explained that she’d probably get a lot less holidays than she currently gets, probably like only 10 weeks off a year or something, and that she should just become a Maths teacher instead.

“Then there was the lad who came in wanting to be a Carpenter, I asked him if his name was B&Q!

“Now one of Jesus’s Dads was a Carpenter, so I pointed out how outdated his career choice was and showed him University’s which did RE degrees so he could become an RE teacher.”

Year 11 pupil Theresa Connell said: “I’ll tell you what’s useful about having a geography teacher providing careers advice, nothing.

“I said I wanted to work in fashion design and walked out with a leaflet on how to become a teaching assistant. Thanks for nothing dickhead.”

Mr Bowen added: “Some pupils try to tell me there’s other jobs other than teaching, but if I think about leaving school too much I get a migraine.”

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