Hundreds of people in their 30s and 40s went out last night to celebrate Bank Holiday, but what happens to them today?

The age groups, who were accustomed to last nights behaviour in the 90s and noughties, are likely to be questioning their behaviour last night while tucked up in bed, or guiltily watching their young children innocently playing.

38 year old Pete Bowen said: “I was in the Uplands last night mixing with younger guys in muscle tops and sleeve tattoos.

“As I sit here, watching my children playing with a bubble machine in the back garden, all I can think about is how I paid a 21 year old lad called ‘Bones’ £15 for a line of coke.

“I’m supposed to be power washing the patio later but I can’t stop shaking and really feel like crying.”

42 year old Theresa Connell said: “At my age I’d have thought it was perfectly reasonable to go for lunch in The Bras with the girls and come home early.

“So why was I off my face asking the DJ in Peppermint to play Venga Boys at 1am with a boob out?

“21 year old Theresa hasn’t left my body yet and I wish she would because once again I’m going to have to cancel phonics with my 5 year old.”

Married couple Rob and Cheryl Gray, 37 and 35, added: “Going our for lunch on a Bank Holiday Sunday and getting wankered all day was just what we did ten years ago.

“I’m trying to put a brave face on things, but I can still taste Marlboro Lights and gin in my burps and I think my 18 month old baby is judging me.”

Rob continued: “My nights out were like a song by The Streets back in the day, but I feel like Morrissey is singing about me today. I’m not going to be able to shake off this feeling of dread for at least a week.

“My boss has emailed me today asking for sales projections. What am I supposed to do with this? Is that what grown ups are meant to do on a Bank Holiday or is he the knob?

“The plan is to nap until I can order a takeaway, force another beer down me and be drunk again so I don’t care anymore.”

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