The Southampton team bus will apparently be intercepted on Fabian Way and guided towards Paradise Park instead of the Liberty for tonight’s relegation showdown.

Rumours of the plan have been circulating on the Swansea Senior League Facebook page all weekend, with many believing a Tuesday night showdown with League winners West End will surely deliver all three points for Swansea.

West End supporter Pete Bowen said: “No one comes to Townhill on a Tuesday night and leaves with three points. They often don’t leave at all.

“We’ve turned over all sorts of teams up here, like Penlan, Rockspur and Malsters. So Southampton will be a piece of piss, we’re the Swansea League champions mush.”

Committee Member Ron Gray added: “Sparky reckons he’s some sort of tough guy from his playing days, but we’ll see how tough he is when we get the Under 14s to light bottles of Lucozade so they look like petrol bombs and check them at his wiry hair.

“The playing surface is perfect, rock solid after a few days of sun with enough grass gone to reveal some strategically placed shards of glass for their boys to slide on.

“The fixtures has us playing St Joseph’s tonight, but that’s because we told the League we were playing the Saints. They’re going to go down the Liberty and stick five past the Swans instead.”

Fan Pete Bowen added: “They won’t know what hit them, literally they’ll have no idea who we are when we hit them and break their bones.

“With any luck it’ll be like when Plough game up here with a squad of 11, by the time we’ve had a few lads sent off for crippling half their team it was a breeze.

“Step aside Huw Jenkins and co, the real home of Swansea football will take things from here.”

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