A woman has decided to tease her Facebook friends with news of her pregnancy by dropping loads of hints that she’s pregnant, but not actually committing herself to an announcement.

27 year old Theresa Connell has been toying with her 893 Facebook friends for two weeks now by littering her daily status updates with unsubtle messages.

Theresa said: “Yes, I’m 12 weeks pregnant! How did you guess?

“A couple of weeks ago I posted a status update with no subtext whatsoever which merely said “Out tonight, not that I can drink or anything.”

“It’s not my fault loads of people commented asking if I was expecting and neither is it my fault that I loved the attention.”

Theresa continued: “Since then I’ve made reference to my hormones, how much I’m going to miss sushi for the next 6 months, that I’ll need to buy bigger clothes soon and I’ve shared numerous articles about morning sickness.”

Friend Pete Bowen said: “I haven’t spoken to Theresa since school but I can’t stop checking her page to see if she’s admitted it yet.

“Why can’t she just say she’s pregnant instead of saying things like “couldn’t sleep last night but it’s all practice I guess”?”

Theresa added: “I can’t admit to it yet because I have to post a really ambiguous message at 20 weeks about a scan and then post a single pink or blue heart when I find out the sex.

“I’m really enjoying the replies to my post and either not replying or replying with cryptic messages because I’m that annoying.”

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