The Potters Wheel is to create its very own version of ITV’s Love Island, featuring some of the popular pub’s regulars.

The city centre pub, open from 8am every day, has decided to replicate the reality programme which sees single people who society deem attractive, get together in a villa and shag their way to some form of ‘victory’.

Potters Wheel Manager Pete Bowen said: “We have lots of presumably single people milling about our pub every day, so we thought we’d spice things up a bit. Although to be clear, anyone taking spice will be banned.

“Just like the actual Love Island, we have quite a lot of areas that the couples can adjourn to for seductive conversations and cheeky flirting, which we then film on our CCTV cameras.

“As a company we take our lack of morals seriously, so this is perfect.”

Contestant Theresa said: “It’s going to be tricky choosing who I want to couple up with when they arrive at 9am, but I’ll be a few ciders in by then and I’m usually pretty decisive by that point.

“I think I’ll probably pick Rob, his moustache is a bit yellow and grey, but in balance he’s generous with his Amber Leaf and still has all of his own original vital organs, so he’s very fit.”

Male entrant Ryan said: “I’m a bit nervous about coming down the steps by the main entrance to meet the ladies, but I’ve got the perfect outfit to show off the goods: a cardigan, Fila trousers and slippers.

“What with my erectile issues, I’m definitely in this for love over lust. If you can handle me at my first beer of the day, you’ll have to handle me in the taxi home.”

Contestant Cheryl said: “I’m a bit more ruthless than the other contestants and I’m only in it for the prize of 2 for 1 before 11am.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want a nice bit of arm candy to show off in the big windows that stare out into the real world.

“Girl be looking peng up in this goldfish bowl.”

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