A ‘crazy’ science teacher in a Swansea Comprehensive School has chucked the rule book out of the window and is going to play old DVDs to his pupils until school finishes for summer.

Biology teacher Pete Bowen, 33, thrives on how in touch he is with the younger generation and how cool he is at the end of year ball.

Mr Bowen said: “Shall we recap on photosynthesis today or watch Boyz n the Hood on Blu-ray? That’s the kind of thing I ask.

“I know my methods are a tad unorthodox, but if they really want to learn then their parents can get a private tutor. I have a cool teacher rep to protect.

“Yes I’ll dim the lights and yes I’ll sit open legged on the worktop, because I’m not the spotty 16 year old who never had a girlfriend when I was in school anymore.”

Year 11 pupil Theresa Connell said: “I kind of want a recap on photosynthesis to be honest. I’m not hugely impressed when he says ‘shit’ in class and nor do I want him to sneak me in a bottle of Blossom Hill for our leavers prom.

“Educate me so I don’t end up like you, you bellend.”

Mr Bowen continued: “I’m still young so I’m just excited about summer.

“I noticed on Instagram that some of the leavers from last year are off to Ibiza, so me and Mr Gray who teaches physics are off too.

“Oh my God I bet all the girls are going to love me in the prom in the Marriott this year, I’m going to smoke cigars.”

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