A Swansea man has received a half hearted message in the Evening Post calling him ‘the best Dad eva’, but no visit or call from his kids.

54 year old Dad of two Pete Bowen was pleased with the announcement, which went on to explain how he is ‘loved all da world’, but probably would’ve preferred a quick chat instead.

Bowen said: “Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice thought and I was happy to see it. It’s also been fun trying to work out who the additional name was, has one of them gotten married? Do I have a grandchild now?

“It just would’ve been nice to see them so I could’ve hugged them awkwardly and criticised their career choices a bit, some good old fashioned Dadding.”

Pete’s son Rob said: “We shortened some of the words because it was pay per letter, but we managed to negotiate a good deal on his obituary so it’s all good.

“If I went to see Dad he’d just criticise my choice in energy supplier or ask me if I still check my engine oil every Sunday morning. I don’t need that anymore, I’m a lawyer now.”

Daughter Theresa continued: “Since I moved to Cardiff I don’t see Dad all that much because he keeps doing the ‘swim away’ at me all the time. I also don’t know who Eddie May is and I’m indifferent about his wife being a lesbian.

“Of course I’ve met a man who’s a Cardiff City fan and we have season tickets. It’s not so bad because I hate football, so it’s the perfect place to go, and I can read or have a nap because it’s so quiet.

“With all this in mind I can’t go and see him now, so we’ll catch up again when he dementia or something.”

Pete added: “It would’ve been nice to have updated the kids on my stools, but the World Cup is on and I have some new man noises that I wanted to test out so I’m pretty busy.”

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