There’s been an unexplained short term rise in popularity for the North African country of Tunisia across Swansea, we can reveal.

The surge in interest in the country has taken a variety of forms, with some people even claiming to even be Tunisian for the day.

South Wales Police spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “We held a briefing about how to handle English flags on cars, as some companies and Local Authorities are concerned about racism.

“Our official position is that the flag isn’t racist, but a lot racists tend to fly it, so we figured we’d go out and see what was happening.

“We saw very few St George’s crosses. We did however see taxis, houses and even a Catholic Church proudly flying Tunisian flags. It was most peculiar.”

Council officer Theresa Connell added: “It’s a shame that the flag has racist connotations and people can’t fly it freely.

“Any that we confiscate are usually well used though, as we use them to cover our mouths to stifle laughter at the end of group stages in major football tournaments.

“I’m not sure why everyone appears to be so pro-Tunisia all of a sudden though, except for Cheryl in Accounts who got them in the World Cup sweepstake.

“I’m sure the whole World Cup thing is completely unrelated though.”

photo credit: johntrathome <a href=”″>Tunisian flag – just before their elections</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;