Competitors from today’s Swansea Half Marathon are being asked when they’re planning to go back and finish the job.

The runners, who completed just half of the 26 miles required for a proper run, even received medals for their half a job efforts.

Onlooker Pete Bowen said: “It was half everything. You could tell that most of them only half trained too because I was at mile 7 and they looked exhausted.

“If I turned up to work and left at lunchtime I’d be sacked. In order to gain any recognition I’d need to do the full day, so no I won’t sponsor you for barely turning up.”

Theresa Connell who was watching in SA1 said: “I probably knock up 13 miles a day just walking around. I’d record it on my Fitbit but I don’t have one because I’m not a bellend.

“I didn’t clap as the lazy sods panted their way past me because I don’t celebrate half achievements. What do these people do when they have sex? Just stop half way through?”

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