A teacher from a Swansea Comprehensive School has been suspended for six months after he called a class of Year 9s ‘muggy’.

History teacher Pete Bowen, 41, was suspended by the Education Workforce Council (EWC) in a disciplinary hearing on Friday.

The hearing, which unanimously found Mr Bowen guilty of being a melt, heard a string of accusations from pupils and staff over his ridiculous vocabulary.

Pupil A from Year 10 explained to the panel that “When Mr Bowen got divorced he started acting all weird. He started to wear skinny jeans with loafers and no socks, which in itself is offensive on any man, let alone a man in his 40s.

“I submitted an assignment on the Bayeux tapestry, and instead of grading it like he normally does he just wrote ‘that’s sick’ on the front page.”

Pupil B told the investigators: “I was upset because my girlfriend had broken up with me and I needed some pastoral care.

“Mr Bowen came over and said “Bruv, I know she was flames, but you can’t be upset ‘cos you was pied. You should try sticking it on one of the new birds, don’t be mugged off like that bro.”

Colleague Theresa Connell told the EWC: “It all began when he became single. He started watching Love Island and having his eyebrows drawn on.

“When his divorce came through he told me he was going to be ‘cracking on’ with one of the new TAs because she was ‘a right sort’.

“When I told him I thought he was being inappropriate he accused me of being ‘salty’ then shouted ‘I’ve got a text!’ It was a PPI thing in the end so he said “hashtag no claim no gain” after reading it out in the staff room.”

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