The smoking ban on Langland beach fortunately won’t stop you enjoying a bong, council officials have confirmed.

The ban, which is voluntary, is designed to lessen the normalisation of smoking cigarettes and reduce the number of discarded cigarette butts.

Council spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “The no smoking initiative was a huge success on Caswell last year, and because people tend to take their bongs home with them after a day at the beach, there was a considerable reduction in litter.

“We do encourage bong users to just pack the cone full of weed and not mix in any tobacco for health reasons though. Please do consider your health and the health of those around you.”

Langland regular Theresa Connell, 38, said: “Its a relief to hear this news, I’ve been bonging down Langland since I was 14.

“I accept the smoking ban, I accept the summer dog ban, I even accept townies in moderation, but I can’t accept anyone removing my right to rip cones.”

Man who wears board shorts and flip flops all year round Rob Gray said: “Presumably I can keep taking acid too? Because it just dissolves on my tongue so there’s no litter?

“I can’t really remember what we were talking about now though, sorry.”

Council spokesperson Bowen added: “For your health’s sake, remember to hit the beach and sit in the sun all day, maybe drink lots of alcohol and eat lots of processed red meat.

“Just don’t smoke cigarettes.”

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