Wales has asked England why they have to make it so difficult to be likeable following their result against Championship side Sweden.

The question was asked by Wales as England finally managed to advance to a semi final of a major tournament this weekend, something Wales has far more recent experience of.

Welsh FA spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “It’s great news that England have finally managed to reach a semi final again, mainly because we won’t have to watch reruns of 1996 again. They’ve been in full on documentary mode on that failure and we’ve been watching that penalty miss ever since.

“Heading into the tournament they seemed to have the right level of expectation, none. There’s even a pleasing lack of ‘knobheads smashing up pubs’ coverage because they’re so terrified of the Russian hooligans.

“It’s nice that Gareth Southgate has adopted/stolen the same management style of Chris Coleman and the wonderful Gary Speed, although it’s a shame they wouldn’t listen to our advice about how to beat Belgium.”

Bowen continued: “All that aside, we’re open to getting on board with it all and quietly clapping a victory against Croatia, at least we were until you went into full on bellend mode.”

England fan Rob Gray said: “We beat that team with players from Hull and Blackburn so now it’s definitely coming home.

“Obviously we can’t smash Russia up because they may hit us, so we did over IKEA and an ambulance. Why can’t you support our choices you sheep shagging losers?

“The only bad bit about Saturday night was that I tripped over and bruised my knee when I was drunk. I called 999 and they said it was ‘not urgent’ and I had to wait three hours for an ambulance to come.”

Bowen added: “I have an aunt who went to Croatia on holiday in 2006 so I’m out of this next game unfortunately, just in time for the media circus.

“But we wish England we’ll because they’re playing a good team again, finally! Just try not to burn down your local hospital if you win.”

photo credit: marcoverch <a href=”″>Schild mit Aufschrift Russia 2018</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;