A woman who is one of just 14,000 in England and Wales to wear a burqa, has spoken out about how deeply offensive fashion is amongst the majority of Swansea’s 122,600 men.

Brynmill resident Theresa Connell, who has worn a burqa for 15 years, made the comments following the annual fright her choice in dress has given a pompous posh man in a suit.

Theresa said: “I wear a burqa, which incidentally you can’t post letters through because it covers your eyes, for spiritual reasons.

“A lot of men wearing Superdry tops and white ripped skinny jeans just appear duty bound to turn as many women off as possible. Just like they used to with mohawks and bootcut trousers.

“What’s wrong with a nice shirt and not wearing socks with sliders? Or wearing socks with shoes?”

Unreasonably paranoid Pete Bowen said: “I don’t see many women wearing a burqa thing, but I won’t let that stop me being a prick when I do.

“As a man who follows terrible trends in a bid to remain socially popular, it is my right to do so. The real issue is I don’t get it, so racist memes tell me what to think. What do you expect me to do, have a mind of my own?

“The Koran, Facebook, Instagram, my drug dealer. They all roll into one don’t they?”

Theresa added: “Its fair to say I don’t appreciate being called a terrorist by someone who ironically degrades women for pleasure, dresses like they lost a fight with a candy floss machine and thinks Boris Johnson has an opinion which would help anyone except for Boris Johnson.

“Also if you hate brown people so much, why spend so much money on sun beds?”

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