A poll has revealed that some people who voted Leave in 2016 think its a terrible idea to vote Leave.

The Focaldata poll, which surveyed 15,000 people across Wales, found that economic suicide, Government incompetence and being racist to people outside of Europe anyway were all key factors in the change of heart.

One time Leave voter Pete Bowen said: “Imagine voting for that destructive impact to our economy? Well, more than once.

“To be fair, who knew what a ‘single market’ was though? I don’t remember reading about that in the Daily Express.”

Brexiteer Theresa Connell said: “I wasn’t too worried about trade deals, I thought we’d ‘take control’ of something or other via the WTO route. But actually we have no influence on WTO, we don’t even have elected WTO officials to help us.

“Then there was the nice Polish families who you used to spend £200 a month in the shop I own who’ve gone back. No one in Swansea has £200 to spend in my shop because the Tories have murdered the economy.

“I’m sure all the post Brexit jobs that will be around will help when I have to close my business. Oh no, actually I’ve read up on it all now.”

Recovering gammon Cheryl Gray added: “I voted Leave because I was fed up about how the local community was being treated. But actually that’s the result of a Tory Government and has nothing to do with Brussels funding regeneration.

“I can’t even stockpile food anywhere because I live in a one bed flat now since the bedroom tax.

“To make matters worse I just bought a new holiday bag which simply won’t go with a blue passport.”

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