People who visit the sunflower field in Rhossili, take far too many pictures and then post them all on social media, have been accused of being too lazy to climb to the top of Pen y Fan for a selfie.

Hundreds of people have headed to the Gower field this summer, at first drawing lots of ‘likes’ for wonderful images of the 400,000 yellow flowers. A lot like the first people to ever climb Pen y Fan did back in 2012.

Swansea resident Pete Bowen said: “I recently decided to become a serious walker, and have even bought walking poles and a thermos.

“I was really looking forward to posting a ruggedly smug image of myself at the top of Pen y Fan, so I was horrified to learn that people could just drive somewhere and attract as much social media attention by picturing some bloody flowers.”

Visitor Theresa Connell said: “The sunflowers look amazing and I think the twenty, heavily filtered pouty selfies I posted on Instagram are a thing of beauty.

“I don’t think being called lazy is completely fair. There’s just no way I could’ve shown off my new collagen filled lips wearing Berghaus on a big hill in Brecon.”

Tourist Rob Gray added: “The sunflower field is remarkable because there’s hundreds of people arriving on Gower as regular people, but leaving as fully fledged photographers.

“I’ve done the Pen y Fan thing, like I’ll do anything to mask my miserable existence with happy social media pics.

“Call me lazy all you want, but it was a lot quicker to get back to my car to cry in Rhossili than it was in Pen y Fan.”

Many thanks to Joanna Fowles for allowing me to use her amazing picture of the lovely Rhosilli sunflowers