A man who commented on an article about the issues people with addiction illnesses face, has solved the puzzle and will now rid the world of addicts.

Regular social media commenter Pete Bowen, 34, made the comment on a Wales Online article yesterday and has decided the share his inspirational wisdom with people who suffer from the complex illness.

Bowen said: “I was sat in my lounge, touching myself to Jayda Fransen, when I stumbled across an article about people who have issues with addiction and before I knew it, I’d solved the global addiction issue out.

“Like all geniuses I found the easy answer, just don’t do it. I probably shouldn’t have posted my response in case some ‘doctor’ steals the concept, but since I’ve discovered how clever I am I feel it’s my duty to share my knowledge with the world. Like the Internet man did.

“I like to insult addicts by calling them rats and stuff, because it elevates me above them in society, which makes me feel good for 5 minutes but then I get bored and bring out the racism.”

Bowen continued: “I currently work in a warehouse part time and fill the rest of my weeks being a judgemental bellend, so my transition into ‘Global Addiction Specialist Doctor Consultant’ should be easy enough.”

Recovering addict Theresa Connell said: “It’s an interesting concept. I’m just wondering if he’d have told the other five teenagers who experimented at the same time as me but didn’t become addicts the same thing?

“Or the guy in my support group who self medicated for depression and back pain. He was suicidal before self medicating, should he have just ended it all maybe?

“Maybe the successful solicitor I know who buys alcohol like this Pete does, but due to having an illness is now addicted. He probably shouldn’t have tried that Strongbow 20 years ago I suppose.”

Bowen added: “I’m going to use to my intellect for more good use. Brexit? Just walk away, it’ll be fine. Country’s massive debt? Don’t pay it like I don’t pay my council tax.

“I’m amazed how easy everything in the world is to resolve with uninformed Facebook posts. It’s been a successful 24 hours, I’ve even been nominated to be the next leader of the Welsh Conservatives.”

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