It’s been another record breaking year for GCSEs in Swansea this year, as more pupils than ever before have turned up to collect their results.

This year’s results day has seen the number of pupils turning up to open the result slips they’ll lose when they move house surpass the 85% mark for the first time ever.

Headteacher Theresa Connell said: “We’re really proud of the class of 17/18 for just being here today.

“It’s actually been our best ever year for handing out little slips which aren’t official certificates and not recognised by anyone.

“It’s testament to the hard work of the teaching and support staff in the school. I even saw one pupil who didn’t turn up to any of their exams here this morning.”

16 year old Pete Bowen said: “I wasn’t going to bother coming because I’ve already confused the prime factors with the X Factor this summer.

“I just find it all a bit ironic. Our PSE teacher used to tell us to ‘never go back’, but here we are. He was a fine one to talk because he works in the school he went to, so he went back and then never went forward.”

Pupil Cheryl Gray said: “I’m only here because my Mother wants to see if I did better than my cousin who lives in Bristol.

“I got mainly B’s and my cousin got mainly 5’s. No one knows what any of this means and the family has fallen apart over it, so I wish I hadn’t bothered.”

Headteacher Mrs Connell added: “Next year I’m sure we’ll do even better, the hard work begins now!

“That starts with keeping the creepy science and PE teachers from finding the parties all of last year’s pupils are going to tonight.”

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