A Swansea man was charged with a public order offence on his way to work this morning, for dressing up as someone from Neath for Halloween.

41 year old Customer Executive Pete Bowen was reported to the police by horrified passengers on the 4A bus from Morriston, before being swiftly arrested on arrival to the Quadrant at 7:25am.

Shocked passenger Theresa Connell said: “I’m all for having a laugh and everything, but there were children on that bus. You should keep that behaviour for behind closed doors.

“The clothes which were obviously from Aberafan Shopping Centre were offensive enough, but he went one step further and Neathed his face.”

Parent Cheryl Gray added: “My daughter’s six and she’s only just stopped having nightmares from when we took her to Neath fair.

“Don’t get my wrong, I’m a massive racist and will ferociously support people’s right to black face whenever they like. Neath face is just a step too far.

“He turned to my daughter and I and told me he was from a place called ‘Onllwyn’. That can’t be a real place can it? It sounds like a word a zombie would say.”

Bowen commented: “I apologise for my poorly thought out choice of Halloween outfit today and in hindsight I should’ve come as Naked Martin as I’d originally planned.”