Drug dealers have responded to the meme that does the rounds every year which claims they’ll be giving away their source of income to trick or treaters for nothing.

The meme, shared by the type of people who think Tommy Robinson has some good ideas, is actually ‘spam’ and we can today reveal its not the type we’ll all be eating out of a tin after Brexit.

Hafod dealer Pete Bowen said: “I’ve just spent £4 on sweets to hand out to children I don’t want putting a brick through my window. I don’t plan on losing more money by giving away my drugs.

“The very notion that I’d be handing out my, very high quality may I add, disco biscuits for free is bizarre.

“If you were a complete arse who wanted to get 7 year olds hooked on drugs, you wouldn’t give them pills which taste like the inside of a rotten food bin when chewed.

“Plus primary school children aren’t exactly flush with cash, so the opportunity for repeat business is nonexistent.”

Neurotic Mum Theresa Connell said: “I saw this earlier. It must be true because the same person shared a post about about illegal immigrants earning £450 a week benefits and getting a 5 bedroom house in Langland for free, and we all know that happens.

“Sometimes, in between my thoughts about harming minorities, I wonder what society has come to.”