Austerity hit Swansea Council have asked people to bring their own fireworks to St Helen’s this evening.

The council run display has successfully attracted visitors for decades, despite savvy people being able to watch for free from the prom.

But with Local Authority budgets continuing to be slashed, and the Kingsway, the event is considered to be a luxury in council circles this year.

Spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “We didn’t want to cancel as it’s revenue, so we decided not to spend any money on fireworks this year so that schools can have a day’s worth of milk instead.

“BYO booze seems to work quite well in restaurants, so we’ve adopted that concept and charged the same as last year. It’s called ‘enterprise’, look it up.

“We’ve secured lots of entertainment, someone who auditioned for X Factor will rap Firework by Katy Perry, and a Scout Leader who’s just been released from prison will provide children’s entertainment in a soundproofed marquee.”

Ticket holder Rob Gray from Winch Wen said: “I’m going to bring the warning letters about non payment of council tax and attach them to a nail bomb.”