A landlord who converts 3 bedroom houses into 6 bedroom houses and charges students £2,000 a month to live in damp squalor, is upset at the number of new student flats being built.

Community spirited landlord Pete Bowen is concerned at the lack of opportunities people have to own their own property nowadays, as well as worrying about the lack of parking and rubbish being left on the streets.

Bowen said: “These student properties being knocked up out of nowhere is a real concern. Fancy profiting from students, and with plastered walls too.

“No student wants to kick off their new found independence in a nice flat. From the plans I’ve seen there’s no holes in the ceiling and worryingly they probably have communal bins, who’ll pollute the streets in the area and keep Council workers in jobs?”

Bowen continued: “My properties have recycled office carpet on the floor and garish furniture which I pick up for nothing. There’s whole supply chains there who’ll be missing out.

“The other problem is that no lovely Victorian properties are being converted by cleverly making a bedroom out of a conservatory by putting a bed in it.

“I dread to think what residents in Brynmill will make of all this, they live for the noise and pollution, there’s Facebook groups about it.”

Brynmill resident Theresa Connell said: “If the students move to these places then no one will be drunkenly banging on my door at 4am anymore.

“Who’ll steal my garden gnomes? A nice family moving in instead? No, thought not.”

Bowen added: “These students will never learn to stand on their own two feet when they have a management company coming to fix things that go wrong in their flat. I leave mine waiting for at least a month before completing botched repairs.

“The real fear is that rents become affordable for private renters in Brynmill, they’re just the type of people who have the nerve to demand habitable environments.”