Half of the dog waste bins in Swansea are to be replaced to allow abusers of laughing gas to dispose of their canisters properly.

The move from Swansea Council, which has received mixed reviews, will reduce the numbers of canisters found on the floors of public areas and appease environmentally conscious gas inhalers.

Council spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “People abusing nitrous oxide tend to do it in public places like parks and public paths, which are the same places people take their dogs for a shit.

“The canisters make areas look messy and unattractive, so we decided to put up bins for them to be disposed of safely and because we don’t have the budget for new bins, we’re just going to spray half of the dog waste bins in a different colour.

“In order to make sure that there isn’t an increase in dog mess in these areas, we’ll also be making people who call their dogs ‘babies’ dress their pet in a nappy and potty train them.”

Dog walker Theresa Connell said: “I think this is a staggering change from the council and as a dog owner, I’m outraged because I become outraged about anything dog related.

“How does this impact diligent walkers like me who bag up the dog mess and then toss it into the bushes at the side of the path?”

Nitrous oxide abuser Rob Gray added: “Do you think I want to leave my discarded canisters ok the floor when I’m off my chunk? I’m conscious young person who loves the environment.

“I can’t exactly take them home and put them in the recycling, my Mam would go nuts.”

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