A man cycling on the Mumbles Road in rush hour yesterday was completely oblivious to what other road users were saying about him.

Fitness and Lycra fanatic Pete Bowen, 44, was cycling home from his marketing role at Swansea University at 17:00 yesterday, blissfully unaware of the abuse being thrown his way from drivers.

Bowen said: “Winter’s here, so I’m on the main roads now. Travelling along with all the probable obese smokers in their cars, who’ll all die soon because they’re not like me.

“I quite enjoy being on the road. Swerving around the drains erratically and looking behind me while veering into to the middle of the lane is different from ringing my bell at people trying to have a nice walk on the front.

“I like to work out what music people must be listening to in their cars. There’s clearly a lot of heavy metal or gangster rap fans heading into SA3, because whatever they’re singing makes them look furious!”

Rush hour commuter Theresa Connell said: “I was behind him at Sketty Lane and he was all over the place. I tried to overtake him a few times but he was moving out then back in, looking behind him like he was Geraint Thomas.

“I thought about just going for it a few times, but the last time few times I’ve done that the rubber on their bikes left a mark on my car.

“I finally got past him at Derwen Fawr, but the lights turned red at Blackpill and he undertook me, so I called him a f****** t*** and felt a bit better.”

Bowen added: “I think I’ll have a really fun time with all my fellow commuters over winter.

“Thanks to the guy who shouted “I’m gunna knock you out” at West Cross. I love LL Cool J.”