Swansea is in shock after discovering that Gorseinon has a well know high street bank.

The news was confirmed yesterday thanks to two people who attempted to carry out an armed robbery on the Lloyd’s Bank branch on Gorseinon High Street.

Local resident Pete Bowen said: “No way! I thought you only really had banks in cosmopolitan places like Morriston.

“What do I do in there? Do I also take a machete in and hide my face to get money? I have a machete, more machete than I have money.”

Hafod resident Theresa Connell said: “I need to go to a bank to get money to pay for a bus to get to a bank. How have Gorseinon got one sitting there all ready to be robbed?

“Those two lads should have a medal for showing the inequality in opportunities within certain areas of Swansea. I know loads of people in the Hafod who’d spectacularly fail at bank robbery, but we don’t have one.”

Gorseinon councillor Rob Gray added: “For years now the people of Gorseinon have been trading chips as currency. Not casino chips, Roma chips.

“This is a real game changer for us, some people may even be able to use this ‘bank’ facility to move to Gowerton. It’s our Monte Carlo.”