NASA have announced that their next bold mission will be to attempt to explore hostile Banwen.

The news comes following the space agency’s successful landing on Mars yesterday, although some cynics think they’re biting off more than they can chew by visiting the unpredictable village within Onllwyn.

NASA spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “While there’s obviously a more hostile atmosphere in Banwen than Mars, we’re confident we now have the technology to venture into the unknown.

“We haven’t decided whether the probe will be manned or not yet, if it’s unmanned we run the risk of the exploration buggy being stolen. If it’s manned then we may lose the astronauts to a Nan up there.”

Banwen resident Theresa Connell said: “As far as we’re concerned there is no world outside of Banwen, which is why we’re into such an advanced stage of interbreeding.

“If NASA are able to land here and carry out experiments, they’ll find diamonds, gold and Special Vat embedded into the earth.”

NASA spokesperson Bowen added: “We’ve already had some technical issues. The solar panels we use to power our probes are useless because there’s never any light there.”