A woman has joined the back of the queue in the Morfa car park in order to be home in time to spend Christmas Eve with her family.

Morriston resident Theresa Connell nipped out to do a quick Christmas shop yesterday afternoon, but was keen to make sure she made it home in plenty of time for the big day.

Theresa said: “I know it’s risky going to Morfa to do a shop this late on in November, but I can’t resist a deal.

“When I arrived yesterday I could see there was chaos. Men were sat in their cars with a week’s worth of stubble and delirious children were surviving on selection boxes from Morrison’s.

“I don’t mind making these sacrifices for Christmas though, it’s a great opportunity to get some much needed ‘me time’ away from the kids, who are like coiled springs at the moment.”

Morfa Retail Park parking attendant Pete Bowen said: “It’s a wonderful time of year so there’s some real displays of togetherness amongst the queuing community.

“It never lasts though, you think people are forging lifelong friendships, but they’re stabbing each other in the January sales.”