A multi-millionaire Art buyer has offered £800k for the Banksy piece in Port Talbot, but has declined £200k off in exchange for the art and the whole town.

Art buyer Pete Bowen from some pompous ‘county’ in ‘England’ made his over the bridge (now it’s free) to view the work and make a strong offer.

Upon arrival at Port Talbot, Mr Bowen was met by Council officials from Neath who were looking for an arrangement to offload Port Talbot at a cut price deal.

Bowen said: “Banksy pieces are the talk of my social circle, none of them have got one though and I know for a fact that none of them are desperate enough to go to Port Talbot to buy one.

“I liked that stunt Banksy pulled shredding the ‘Girl with Balloon” piece. What could happen with this one? A nuclear bomb?”

NPT Council spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “We don’t get many windows of opportunities to sell off Port Talbot but I really thought this was the one.

“Banksy’s come here and painted all over the only wall here that’s not covered in an inch of dust, it’s the most valuable bit of concrete we have, and it’s now worth even more.

“We can’t even give Port Talbot away, not even after throwing in a cut priced Banksy.”

Bowen continued: “I like the message Banksy’s gone for with this, for me it depicts the town’s air pollution and a child being locked in beneath a cloud of black capitalist dust.

“But to be clear, I want the art so I can bleat about it at dinner parties. I absolutely do not want to take any responsibility for making things better for Port Talbot.”