People grumbling about mundane issues and new developments in the city have been reminded that they’ll have to fight to get their hands on a little bit of tinned food to feed their families with in less than two months.

The message comes ahead of the wealthy elite moving ever closer to their desired ‘no deal’ Brexit, which will help them boost their wealth while the people who voted to help them prepare to pay double the amount for a loaf of bread.

Local economist Pete Bowen said: “While parking in the city centre is important, I would like to remind residents that we’ll be short of vital medical supplies soon. Some of you may consider this a little more important.

“Yes it’s mildly irritating that the Kingsway is being dug up again. Not quite as irritating as the lost employment, rocketing inflation and dramatic reduction to GDP though.”

Brexiteer Theresa Connell said: “Anything bad that is being predicted to happen or actually does happen after Brexit is all scaremongering.

“Its a great opportunity. I’m looking forward to seeing the Army walking around controlling social disorder. Get our boys on the streets! I’m so proud I may cry. It’ll be like when we won the war. WAR!

“Anyway, the real issues we have in Swansea are the slip bridge being removed and cancelling the Mumbles Train. Not mass unemployment and no inward investment.”

Economist Bowen added: “As businesses close or relocate over the coming weeks and there’s no fresh food in the supermarkets, I’ll look forward to hearing all about how disgruntled you are that a charity which helps disabled children has moved into the old Toys R Us store in Parc Tawe.”