A Llansamlet man was left red faced and covered in sauce after commenting on a picture of a meal his wife posted on Facebook, thinking it was from the popular ‘Rate my Plate’ page.

37 year old Dad of two Pete Bowen made the gaffe scrolling through social media as his wife Theresa was cooking for him in the kitchen.

Bowen said: “I’ve been following that page for the last week. It’s hysterical!

“I’ve been aggressively commenting on other people’s plates since I started following the page, but no one has really liked what I’ve said, presumably because there’s already loads of comments on there so my comedy is being lost.”

Bowen continued: “I saw a picture of a terrible plate of food with no comments on it and thought this was my chance. I didn’t even notice that Theresa posted it and because my newsfeed has been completely filled with plates of food recently I put two and two together.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “I’d spent ages preparing a nice chicken with broccoli in mornay sauce for Pete and I.

“I was really proud of it and it’s good to have a night off from Just Eat, so I posted a picture of it on Facebook.

“Within seconds ‘Pete Bowen has commented on your picture’ flashed up on my notifications. I figured it’d be a nice message to say how proud he was of me, but I was a wrong.”

Bowen added: “I didn’t have a lot of time so I posted “that looks like something that fell out of my arse. Have a word with yourself you disgusting mess.”

“I thought my phone would be going nuts with laughing emojis, or I’d get a call from a Head of Comedy from a major TV channel. Instead I had a plate of chicken mornay thrown at my head.

“For the record it was hanging.”