A couple are planning to put their children to bed early tonight so they can gleefully watch Peppa Pig being decapitated by Daddy Pig.

Parents of two Pete Bowen and Theresa Connell from Manselton have confirmed that they’ll watch the video on loop over a nice bottle of wine, while fantasising about never having to watch a Peppa Pig episode ever again.

Pete said: “Peppa Pig is a spoilt, irritating little brat who’s disrespectful to her parents and her friends. The kids love her and watch it all the time.

“When I heard some maniac had been posting videos of Peppa being tortured on YouTube I was horrified. Horrified that I hadn’t thought of it.”

Mum Theresa said: “Pete sent me the article link earlier, so I’m looking forward to getting home later and watching Peppa have her teeth removed without anaesthetic.

“Apparently it shows Peppa drinking bleach. Personally I’d mainline it into her.

“The finale of Daddy Pig cutting her head off with a knife is perfect. Serves her right for body shaming him for all those years.”

Pete added: “Tomorrow we’re going to order a nice Chinese and look for videos of Iggle Piggle having his nails removed with pliers.”