The mild weather has led to the first vest wearing bellend of 2019 to be spotted strutting around the city centre.

27 year Pete Bowen from Llangyfelach gave shoppers a treat yesterday lunchtime by donning his new ‘Gym Kings’ vest which showed off his tattoos, and his tight grey tracksuit bottoms which showed off his testicles.

Bowen said: “Summer’s here! And as disappointed the ladies will be by me not wearing my Superdry puffer jacket for a while, I can get my guns out now which will get them throthing.

“I’ve been working hard in the gym complimenting other men on their muscles and critiquing MMA fighters despite me not even knowing what MMA stands for.

“The results are in and the Llangyfelach length is ready for some summer loving.”

Shopper Theresa Connell said: “I wasn’t prepared for this today. I don’t normally have to laugh at men in vests until at least April.

“A nice day out in town was ruined by a vest. My toddler hasn’t stopped crying and it put me right off my chicken bake.”