A deaf man who approached someone in Parc Tawe to apparently ‘ask for directions’ is fortunately now in police custody.

Hard of hearing Pete Bowen, 27, approached resident Theresa Connell to ask her how to get to Sainsbury’s yesterday afternoon, in what was a blatant attempt to steal her dog or something.

Theresa said: “Thankfully Facebook has now made me very wary of the deaf. I’m also very cautious when in the company of Japanese special effects sculptures. And Europeans.

“He came walking towards me and I was already suspicious because I could tell he was about to ask me something, there’s no place for that in modern society. When I saw his hearing aid then I immediately knew he was out to scam me, just like social media said he would.”

Bowen said: “One minute I was asking a lady if there was a bridge over to Sainsbury’s and then the next minute I was being arrested.

“I was expecting Jeremy Beadle to pop out, which would’ve added quite a lot of surprise to an already weird situation.”

Theresa added: “I got my phone out and dialled 999 straight away. He asked what I was doing, but how could he see me doing that if he was really deaf?

“I immediately got in my car and made a Facebook post about it because I was so distraught. There was an Asian man over by Costa at the time so I also added to my post that 20 of them were trying to get in my boot.

“It’s a slight fabrication but it’s nice to have lots of likes and shares and no one is really impacted by it.”