The police have been called to investigate an alleged assault on rugby in South West Wales.

Multiple allegations have been made with a police force heat map showing that the complaints mainly originate around the Loughor bridge.

Gowerton resident Pete Bowen said: “Take the worse possible outcome that you can imagine, then expect me to pay to watch and support it. In Llanelli.

“Llanelli mind.”

Bowen continued: “I work with a load of turks and that’s bad enough, mocking their rugby team was all I had. Have you heard them speak? Why do they have to say ‘pity’ all the time?”

Llanelli resident Theresa Connell said: “I’ve witnessed a brutal attack and I had to make a complaint through the necessary channels.

“When the regions started it took us ages to think up and memorise the song we sing at the games. The one where we wail ‘Scaaarrrrlets’ over and over again. It’s such a likeable sound and I don’t think we could ever be that creative again.

“If it does happen you have to wonder how the Liberty Stadium will cope. They’ll lose about £20 a game in ticket revenue. At least their players will get to play in front of a crowd.”

Police spokesperson DI Rob Gray added: “If this unrest had occurred before the England game we’d have had a murder case on our hands.

“For now though it’s an attempted assault with intention to kill. We’re calling it Operation Jurk.”