A woman who drove down Sketty Road yesterday blaring out and enthusiastically singing to Billie Jean, has reported that she was on the receiving end of some very harsh stares.

31 year old Theresa Connell from Killay was taking son Frankie, 2, to soft play at the LC2 when the incidents occurred.

Theresa said: “It was quite unnerving to be glared at like that. Billy Jean is a classic too, it’s not like I was listening to Earth Song.

“When I was at the traffic lights by Noah’s Yard some man shouted ‘Speedo’ at me. That was weird because how would he know I was going to the LC? Joke was on him though because I wasn’t going swimming.”

Uplands resident Pete Bowen said: “Given the media coverage this week I was surprised to hear Jackson music being played so loudly.

“She looked at me and sang “but the kid is not my son”. He wasn’t to be fair, but that is not an excuse.”

Theresa added: “I didn’t get to see the documentary about him this week but hopefully it put all those weird monkey rumours to bed.”