A 39 year old Dad of three from Manselton is planning a big day and night for the rugby which in reality will see him home by tea time and vomiting, maybe even crying, in front of his children.

IT Technician Pete Bowen, a self-proclaimed ‘caner’ back in the day, has been looking forward to his first night out in months, blissfully ignorant that he’ll embarrass himself and bring shame on his family.

Bowen said: “Oi oi saveloy. Bowen’s up in the place, getting off my face like a big disgrace!

“I reckon I’ve still got it. Just 15 years ago I’d be 10 pills in and necking shots of After Shock in a Mount Pleasant house party every Sunday morning. You don’t lose skill like that overnight.

“When we won the Grand Slam in 2005 I went out on Thursday and came home Tuesday. That was in this century.”

Bowen’s mate Rob Gray said: “I’m not too sure about this, but worse case scenario I film him and put it on social media. Maybe he’ll wet himself! Could go viral because he’s nearly a middle aged mess.

“Once upon a time he’d double drop some Mitsubishi’s and keep on raving. Now he’ll miss his children by early evening and be home cuddled up to his wife watching The Greatest Dancer.”

Pete’s wife Theresa said: “It’ll play out how it did last year. He’ll have a couple of pints and WhatsApp me asking for pictures of the kids because he misses them.

“Then he’ll vomit, take some drugs and become really paranoid before coming home and crying in my lap.”

Bowen added: “It should be a good game. Not that I’ll remember any of it.”