The large ‘sinkhole’ which has appeared on Swansea beach is actually that Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon that everyone’s been talking about.

A spokesperson, Pete Bowen, confirmed the news yesterday, suggesting that due to lack of funding it was ‘a bit smaller than initially planned’.

Mr Bowen said: “When the Government pulled the funding for the project we were determined to press on.

“There’s been some dialogue with private investors but there’s a bit of reluctance without having anything tangible, so we knocked that hole up on the dunes by the west pier.

“It may not look like much but we’ve already managed to power a soft toke on a vape.”

Beach visitor Theresa Connell said: “I thought we were supposed to ride our bikes around it not stop our dogs falling in it.

“It goes to show that artist images can’t always be trusted. A lot like Tinder profile pictures.”