Wales is anxiously waiting to see if today’s key event, which is the opportunity to screen grab an image of Jonathan Davies smiling, will occur before tea time.

The player-turned-pundit has made a name for himself in recent years for uncontrollably grinning amongst commentators from other countries. With many viewers only tuning in to see his little face at the end of games.

Treboeth resident Pete Bowen said: “Watching Wales play in the 6 Nations is incredibly stressful. I have enough stress in my life, I work for the council.

“A load of the boys are going down the King’s Head to watch the game, but I’m going to head down after it if we win so I can see Jiffy’s smile on the big screen.

“The landlord pauses the TV for us and we all crowd around, taking pictures and downing shots while worshipping his beautiful grin. The man’s a demigod.”

Morriston resident Theresa Connell said: “Yes the rugby’s exciting, but Jonathan’s win face gives me a tiny orgasm.

“My ex husband is English, we all make mistakes, and the image of Jonathan smiling with a miserable Guscott reminds me of happier times as that’s when my divorce came through.

“I’ve actually tweeted Jonathan a few times to ask if he’d like to come over mine so I can bounce him on my knee and give him tickles.”

BBC Analyst Rob Gray added: “The viewing figures for Welsh internationals go up by 40% on average after the game finishes.

“Davies’ face has had a greater impact on our figures than Den and Angie.”