Baked bean themed superhero Captain Beany is collaborating with a well known food manufacturer to launch his very own ‘Brexit Baked Beans’, we can exclusively reveal.

Eccentric fundraiser Mr Beany, who has provided The Daily Swansea with the EXCLUSIVE to this story, is no stranger to capitalising on political and economic crisis; having trademarked ‘credit crunch’ in 2008. This resulted in Beany earning a percentage of the sales of chocolate bars made by retailer Selfridges.

It begs the question: is Captain Beany an ‘eccentric character’, or are his ideas the product of an entrepreneurial, philanthropic and creative genius?

Whatever category Beany fits into, it’s undoubtedly an exciting opportunity for us to be picked to provide an exclusive about the launch of his Brexit Baked Beans.

Captain Beany told TDS writer, Billy: “I’ve ‘bean’ thinking of an opportunity to launch a new saucy stock and I think that the uncertainty around Brexit is ideal.

“The country has a shared passion for baked beans and it’s a perfect way for us to unite in these uncertain times. In Heinz-sight I should’ve thought about it a lot earlier!

“Baked beans don’t care about social class or what country you’re from, it’s one of the many varieties that make them so wonderful. Everyone reaches for a tin of saucy goodness at some point and it’s a perfect way to spill the beans, even if you’re a has bean and don’t have a bean!”

Beany continued: “To celebrate launch day I have a crateful of my new Brexit Baked Beans in transit to the House of Commons for all those half baked MP wind bags!

“It beans a lot to the country to make this work; we’re all human beans after all!”

After speaking with Captain Beany I’m none this wiser as to whether there’s actually something in this concept or not. When you sit down and really think about it, why not?

If it helps to break the Brexit deadlock then ‘bean me up Scotty’. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Thank you to Captain Beany for selecting us to run the story and for the images.