A Mumbles Mum is to spend the next hour ‘finishing off’ a nearly full bottle of wine; just so she doesn’t miss putting the bottle out for the green bag collection tomorrow morning.

Environmentally conscious Mum of two Theresa Connell, 42, said she was pressured into deciding to drink the three and a half large glasses of wine when she opened the fridge to see if there were any more glass items to add the four bags she’d already filled.

Theresa said: “The only reason I’m disposing of this wine in such a quick timeframe is to make sure I can get it into the collection tomorrow morning. It’ll just be left on the kitchen worktop for two weeks otherwise.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with being off work and looking after my terrible children full time with no breaks whatsoever.”

Theresa continued: “We recycle a lot of glass. It’s not all wine though as my husband is a keen Gower Gold drinker. It’s good to have hobbies and it makes being together bearable.

“Sometimes I put the green bags out and look at the contents of the neighbours’ and I wonder if they judge me for the amount of empty bottles we have. But recycling is good right? It just means we’re doing more for the environment than they are?”

Theresa’s eldest son Frankie said: “Mummy will tell Daddy there was only some wine left but it looks like one of the ones she bought in Tesco at lunchtime.

“Every other Wednesday always ends with Mummy crying at bath time and talking to her friend about ‘good divorce lawyers’, whatever they are.”