Donald Trump will be staying at the Ambassador Hotel in Neath throughout his visit in June, it has been announced.

The news comes following the Queen suggesting that he couldn’t stay at Buckingham Palace as the Obamas did, because of ‘renovation work’.

Trump was rumoured to be staying at the US Ambassadors in London, but sources have confirmed he’ll instead stay at the Neath hotel because he ‘doesn’t know what an ambassador is anyway’.

White House spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “The President is popular with people who like to test boundaries with inter family relationships and I’m sure he’ll be well received in Neath.

“As is always the case with President Trump, we have to make provision for him grabbing women by their lady parts and we’ve been informed that women in Neath have vaginas that bite back.”

Neath resident Theresa Connell said: “I think it’s great that he’ll be staying here and he’s more than welcome as far as I’m concerned.

“It’s good for local people to see that no matter how much of a bellend you are you can still get a decent job.”