Mumbles residents have hit back against claims that they objected to an independent cafe having an extended alcohol licence on account of the fact that they love to drink as much as anyone else.

Residents of SA3 made the response after a whole, real article was written on the back of two objections to popular Boo’s Kitchen applying for a later alcohol licence than they already have.

Queens Road resident Pete Bowen said: “Boo’s is great. It’s down the road serving nice food, it’s independent and now I can stay there longer to enjoy more drink and find my way home a bit quicker than if I went to Oyster Wharf.

“What do people think we do differently to them with our evenings? Scroll through council planning websites looking for things to object to? I’m originally from Neath for Christ sake.”

Woodville Road resident Theresa Connell added: “Two people objected to this and now we’re all being made scapegoats. The two ‘objectors’ are probably some of the only people left who think voting Tory is a good idea.

“Why would we not support a great local business expanding and being open later for me to drink wine? All I need them to do now I roll my joints for me and I’d never leave.”

Overland Road resident Rob Gray added: “Bring the whole mile back I say. I have teenage children sat here playing computer games when they should be in the William Hancock making important drug connections with people from West Cross.

“Sadly that’s not going to happen so I, like virtually all my neighbours, will gladly get behind a great local business who want to make a go of it.

“Shock bloody horror.”