A Sandfields man who spent his teenage years tripping his face off in parks around Swansea has called on the Government to introduce National Service to deal with young people partying on beaches.

Electrician Pete Bowen, 39, presented his solution to fellow readers of a news article on Facebook last night. But despite Bowen feeling his idea was unique, his friend has branded him a hypocrite for what he got up to as a youngster.

Bowen said: “These kids are out causing mayhem around the place here. They need rigorous discipline, regimental routine, physical punishment and their parents should be in jail.

“That’ll teach them.”

“Don’t get me wrong, we all have a wild phase. I used to take so much LSD up the park I’d think the swings and slides were farm animals and I was a farmer. Or I’d smoke a load of hash, ghosty and then go joyriding.

“The difference is that I knew what the boundaries between right and wrong were.”

Bowen’s friend Rob Gray said: “Ever since Pete entered his late 30s his solution to everything is to send people to wars and for parents to beat their children because it ‘never did him any harm’.

“His parents didn’t lay a finger on him when he was caught stealing a charity box so he could buy ecstasy; so I’m not sure where he’s getting his ideas from.”

Bowen added: “I’m off to tell people with mental health problems to cheer up and to plan how I can complain about there not being a straight pride event.”